Parade - Perfume (Video Premiere)

May 18, 2011

I haven't posted about these girls on the blog yet, but Parade are a British girl group, currently signed to Asylum Records. The band has five members: Emily Biggs, Lauren Deegan, Bianca Claxton, Jessica Agombar and Sian Charlesworth. They've been a support act for Shakira, Ellie Goulding and Alexandra Burke. Their debut single, "Louder" was released in the UK on March 13th and has so far peaked at number 10 in the UK Singles Chart. Here we have the video for their official second single "Perfume". It's really not as great as "Louder" (which would be my blogs theme song, if blogs HAD theme songs) but it's okay. I don't see them really blowing up. Check it out though!


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