K. Michelle - How Many Times & Just Ain't My Day (Video Premieres)

May 11, 2011

R&B songstress K. Michelle premieres not one, but two music videos today. The first is for her first single "How Many Times" off her upcoming debut album "Pain Medicine". The song has some killer vocals and seems like a solid first single choice for an R&B track. She werks the shit out of that blue weave in the middle of traffic!
The second video is for another album cut, "Just Ain't My Day". It has a very simple music video, with an obvious low budget. The video follows K. Michelle as she goes about her day while everything is going wrong. At one point she runs to a rooftop, making it seem as if she's going to jump. But unfortunately she does not. That would have been an exciting end to the video... Just sayin'. Enjoy!


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