2NE1 - Lonely (Video Premiere)

May 12, 2011

The moment has finally arrived! My favourite K-Pop group are back on the scene. The fierce and fabulous 2NE1 are officially back with their first new ballad single "Lonely". The track is the first of six singles which will be released over the coming months to promote their next mini-album. The song is the complete opposite of what you may have been expecting from their return. Ditching the heavy dance beats, autotune and hip-hop flavour, the girls decided to just strip it down to their voices and a guitar. The perfect start to their takeover. Did anyone else notice the writing on the side of that bridge? "Sexy, Pin-Sharp, In Flawless", doesn't exactly make sense, but who cares?! They are flawless indeed. I can't wait for Will.I.Am to bring them to the states with their english album debut! Anywho, here is their first single.


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