Cobra Starship feat. Sabi - You Make Me Feel...

May 09, 2011

Cobra Starship are getting ready to release their fourth album "Night Shades" this summer and they have just premiered their new single "You Make Me Feel..." featuring newcomer Sabi. The singer/rapper is really getting around after being pulled into the spotlight by Britney. Good for her. It's a fun track but it's a total tri-make! Sounding pretty much like Chris Brown's "Yeah x3" which initially swagga-jacked Calvin Harris' "I'm Not Alone". It's catchy and the beat has been a winner before, so we'll see how it does!


Lex said...

It does sound like Yeahx3

Which is a horrendous name for a song in the first place, ffs. Seriously would have killed him and the rest of the population to write out yeah three times?

Yeah yeah yeah, that took all of literally 2 seconds.

My boss is not here yet and I am bored.

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