Lady Gaga - Judas (Video Premiere)

May 05, 2011

I have literally waited all day to get home and watch this. Lady Gaga has officially released the music video for her 2nd single "Judas". The video basically portrays a modernized Jesus and his disciples as a biker gang, while Gaga plays Mary Magdalene who is emotionally involved with Jesus but also has unforbidden feelings for Judas. Back in the day this was obviously sinful, so bitches would get stoned to death for being whores. Which is exactly what happens to Godga at the end, after declaring her love for Judas when she fails to eliminate him in the gun scene. It's a great dance video but nothing as over the top as I was expecting. I thought the concept would get more of the focus instead of the choreography. It's really not as controversial as everyone thought it would be. Also, next time please cast hotter guys. Thanks.


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