2011 Billboard Music Awards

May 22, 2011

The 2011 Billboard Music Awards aired live tonight. If you didn't tune in, check out some of the performance videos below!

Rihanna - S&M (with Britney)

Exciting opening number. Rihanna crawling around in her sexy outfit and chains. Nice to see Brit finally performing at an awards show again, and with someone as huge as RiRi. Glad to see they could fit her lip-synching into the performance as well, lol. Cute little pillow fight at the end. You could tell Brit was all like bitch get your pillow away from me. RiRi should have just smacked her in the face with it. Maybe she would have knocked some sense back into her life.

Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough/I Got A Feeling

Same old BEP performance. Fergie's outfit was cool. Minimal dance moves from the gang but that's why they have their robot dance people. They should really stop performing "I Got A Feeling". It's like beating a dead horse WITH a dead horse.

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

Beyjesus was of course the highlight of the night. The performance was just incredible. The concept for the beginning portion of it was just amazing and worked perfectly. This woman is a true performer, always upping her game. Who slayed the world? HER!

Cee-Lo Green - Medley

So Cee-Lo just kind of sat there and sang. Then his piano moved up and down. Then it did a full turn in the air. Was this supposed to be exciting? 'Cause I've seen it before.

OneRepublic, Far East Movement & Snoop Dogg - Good Life, Rocketeer & If I Was You (OMG)

Ryan Tedder remains a cutie. Snoop's hair remains horrible. That's pretty much it for this performance.

Taio Cruz - Break My Heart/Dynamite

Just another boring Taio performance.

Ke$ha - Animal/Blow

Ke$hus Christ started off with "Animal" for some reason. It's not even a single but it worked well for the intro. Her fall from the sky was falawless. The unicorns from her video are sort of back, with many glitter guns in hand (or hoof?). Then she runs off and gets the biggest Ke$ha glitter cannon ever. Amazing.

Mary J. Blige - Someone to Love Me (with Lil' Wayne)

Just another regular hip-hop performance. Mary sounded great as usual.

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass + Till The World Ends (with Britney Spears)

The (almost) last performance came from Her Minajesty, introduced by her biggest white girl fan Taylor Swift. She started with the "Till The World Ends" rap about chickens and a giant one actually came out to undress her. When she went into "Super Bass" I honestly don't know how she sounded in the beginning because I was too busy yelling the whole first verse over my TV. I love Nicki but you can tell she doesn't sing her choruses live. Which is okay, she's really just a rapper. She'll sing a word or two, then move her head over away from the mic, or do some dancing. She scrapped even trying to sing the bridge, taking to the hot men on chairs like in her video. Then BritBrit decides to join her on stage with her obvious (and bad) lip-synching again. Seems she can't even walk in heels, she's always looking down to see where she's going that it looks like she missed a few of the first words in the lyrics. Then she struts down the catwalk, super-happy Nicki in toe, singing a bit of the song until it ends and Britney just stands there looking unimpressed with the world. She then awakens from her coma and breaks out her signature cute Britney smile.


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