Nicola Fasano feat. Kat Deluna – Tonite (Video Premiere)

May 29, 2011

DJ Nicola Fasano has teamed up with underrated Miss Kat DeLuna to help him out with his new single "Tonite". Amazing club track. Should do really well in Europe. In addition to a hot track, they may have just created the sexiest music video in quite a long time. Skankily-clad girls walking around in lingerie the entire time. Fucking fierce.

Jessica Ferguson feat. Kevin McCall - Go (Video Premiere)

I have come across a new music video but this sassy little 20 year old, Jessica Ferguson. In 2009, Jessica began working on her debut EP with High School Musical music producer Andrew Lane, releasing the smash single, "Rockstar" via iTunes, a single that describes the pain and angst of coming into ones self despite criticism and the pressures of society. Jessica also recorded and released a track with an indie label which appeared in the 2009 soundtrack to the mega motion picture "Mall Cop". Now she's back with a new single and video titled "Go" featuring Kevin McCall. Check it out!

Victoria Justice - My Best Friend's Brother (Video Premiere)

Nina Dobrev's doppelganger, Victoria Justice, has a new video out. Now normally I wouldn't post something like this because she is, after all, a Nickelodeon star, but it's still pop. Great cheesy pop. The girl is adorable and the video is just so cute. She just wants the hot guy's attention. I still don't know how these girls get away with songs like this on children's TV but in a desensitized world, who gives a shit anymore? Too bad it's her best friends brother though. Just remember Victoria, it's chicks before dicks!

Nicki Minaj - Did It On 'Em (Internet Video Premiere)

The new queen of rap has dropped the "Internet Version" of her track "Did It On 'Em". Directed by Scoob Doo, the clip features footage of Nicki on stage at her "I Am Music Tour," backstage with Lil' Wayne, Drake, Steve Nash, and her many fans. An official video for "Did It On 'Em" is expected to be shot and released soon, as well as the "Fly" video featuring Rihanna which has already been filmed.

"If I had a dick, I would pull it out and piss on 'em!"

Shontelle - Say Hello To Goodbye (Video Premiere)

Shontelle, otherwise known as the poor man's Rihanna, has a new video out for her third single "Say Hello To Goodbye" off her sophomore album "No Gravity". She just kind of walks around looking pretty hoping to get another semi-hit like "Impossible", but it ain't gunna happen, gurl!

Diddy Dirty Money feat. Usher - Looking For Love (Video Premiere)

May 27, 2011

Diddy/Puffy/Swag/Whatever he's calling himself nowadays has released another video with Kalenna and Dawn off their debut album "Last Train To Paris". This time they've decided to go with the Usher assisted "Looking For Love". How many singles have they released off this damn thing? Too many. You're not gunna get another hit like "Coming Home". Give it up Puff, you're washed up and the girls can do a lot better without you. Colin Tilley shot for the video and the only good thing about it is the cameo by the fierce Kat Graham. Check it out below.

Beyonce's "4" Tracklist and new single "1+1"

May 25, 2011

The goddess that is Beyonce Knowles has just released a new single "1+1" to coincide with her American Idol finale performance tonight. It's a beautiful track, with Beyonce trying some new things with her voice. The performance gave me goosebumps throughout. She is just an incredible performer and always gives it her all. Flawless! Buy the track on iTunes now! And check out her Idol performances below.

She has also released the official tracklist for her new album via her Facebook page, unveiling one song every hour.

1. 1+1
2. I Care
3. I Miss You
4. Best Thing I Never Had
5. Party feat. Andre 3000
6. Rather Die Young
7. Start Over
8. Love on Top
9. Countdown
10. End of Time
11. I Was Here
12. Run The World (Girls)

Only 12 songs?! I want more! But I'm sure more will come out on a re-release of some sort.

Colette Carr - (We Do It) Primo (Video Premiere)

So I wasn't quite diggin' what I had heard from Colette Carr a while back, but last month I posted about this single of hers and now the official video has been released on her VEVO account. The track was produced by Frankmusik, and you can see him in the video biking around in the background! Check it out.

Mohombi feat. Nicole Scherzinger - Coconut Tree (Video Premiere)

Mohombi has released a new music video for his latest single "Coconut Tree" featuring the lovely Nicole Scherzinger. I guess he thought he'd get a hit because she's in it, but the song is pretty shit. I don't know why she even agreed to it. Well it was probably because of the Hawaii mention, but it's okay, I forgive her. Check out the video with a semi-good-looking shirtless Mohombi and a flawless Nicole.

2011 Billboard Music Awards

May 22, 2011

The 2011 Billboard Music Awards aired live tonight. If you didn't tune in, check out some of the performance videos below!

Rihanna - S&M (with Britney)

Exciting opening number. Rihanna crawling around in her sexy outfit and chains. Nice to see Brit finally performing at an awards show again, and with someone as huge as RiRi. Glad to see they could fit her lip-synching into the performance as well, lol. Cute little pillow fight at the end. You could tell Brit was all like bitch get your pillow away from me. RiRi should have just smacked her in the face with it. Maybe she would have knocked some sense back into her life.

Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough/I Got A Feeling

Same old BEP performance. Fergie's outfit was cool. Minimal dance moves from the gang but that's why they have their robot dance people. They should really stop performing "I Got A Feeling". It's like beating a dead horse WITH a dead horse.

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls)

Beyjesus was of course the highlight of the night. The performance was just incredible. The concept for the beginning portion of it was just amazing and worked perfectly. This woman is a true performer, always upping her game. Who slayed the world? HER!

Cee-Lo Green - Medley

So Cee-Lo just kind of sat there and sang. Then his piano moved up and down. Then it did a full turn in the air. Was this supposed to be exciting? 'Cause I've seen it before.

OneRepublic, Far East Movement & Snoop Dogg - Good Life, Rocketeer & If I Was You (OMG)

Ryan Tedder remains a cutie. Snoop's hair remains horrible. That's pretty much it for this performance.

Taio Cruz - Break My Heart/Dynamite

Just another boring Taio performance.

Ke$ha - Animal/Blow

Ke$hus Christ started off with "Animal" for some reason. It's not even a single but it worked well for the intro. Her fall from the sky was falawless. The unicorns from her video are sort of back, with many glitter guns in hand (or hoof?). Then she runs off and gets the biggest Ke$ha glitter cannon ever. Amazing.

Mary J. Blige - Someone to Love Me (with Lil' Wayne)

Just another regular hip-hop performance. Mary sounded great as usual.

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass + Till The World Ends (with Britney Spears)

The (almost) last performance came from Her Minajesty, introduced by her biggest white girl fan Taylor Swift. She started with the "Till The World Ends" rap about chickens and a giant one actually came out to undress her. When she went into "Super Bass" I honestly don't know how she sounded in the beginning because I was too busy yelling the whole first verse over my TV. I love Nicki but you can tell she doesn't sing her choruses live. Which is okay, she's really just a rapper. She'll sing a word or two, then move her head over away from the mic, or do some dancing. She scrapped even trying to sing the bridge, taking to the hot men on chairs like in her video. Then BritBrit decides to join her on stage with her obvious (and bad) lip-synching again. Seems she can't even walk in heels, she's always looking down to see where she's going that it looks like she missed a few of the first words in the lyrics. Then she struts down the catwalk, super-happy Nicki in toe, singing a bit of the song until it ends and Britney just stands there looking unimpressed with the world. She then awakens from her coma and breaks out her signature cute Britney smile.

Lady Gaga on SNL

Lady Gaga was the musical guest on last nights season finale of "Saturday Night Live", hosted by Justin Timberlake. The power of Godga has scored SNL it's highest-rated season finale in 7 years. Under the cut, check out her performances of "The Edge of Glory/Judas", "Born This Way", and her various skits with JT!

The Saturdays perform "Notorious" on SYTYCD

UK girl group, The Saturdays, performed recently for the "So You Think You Can Dance" crowd on BBC1 with the debut performance of their new single "Notorious". Keeping with the theme of their video, they came out from behind a big elevator prop to start thn went back in to grab their dance troop! I think they did a great job, singing well live and adding a few dance moves of course. I don't think I've enjoyed a performance of theirs this much before. Check it out.

Katy B - Easy Please Me (Video Premiere)

A while back I introduced British singer-songwriter, Katy B, after she released her debut album "On A Mission" in the UK. The album debuted #2 and Katy has announced she will be making her way stateside later this summer. Here is the video for her 4th single "Easy Please Me". Watch Katy and her friends school some guys during a night of pool, taking all their money in the process.

Beyonce - Till The End Of Time

May 20, 2011

A tagged version of Beyonce's rumored second single "Till The End Of Time" has leaked online today! Check out the tagged version of the track below! Not what I expected but it's still hottt!!! Doesn't sound like anything out there right now, which can be good or bad. Hopefully it pulls a "Single Ladies". What do you guys think?!

Avril Lavigne - Smile (Video Premiere)

The Mother Fucking Princess has released the video for her 2nd single "Smile" lifted from her latest album "Goodbye Lullaby". It's one of the few tracks on the acoustic-y album that has radio-potential. In other words, it's another Avril pop gem! But this time, with the albums poor reception, it most likely won't get anywhere near the top of the charts. She needs to do some promo! I'm a huge stan and need to go to one of her Black Star Tour shows this year! The video is simple and cute. She looks flawless as usual, though I could do without the green hair. But it's Avril, she rocks it. Here it is below.

Keri Hilson feat. Nelly - Lose Control (Video Premiere)

Miss Keri Baby has just released the video for her latest single "Lose Control" featuring Nelly, off of her latest album "No Boys Allowed". I'm actually a big fan of the album. It took a few listens but if you give it a chance you'll see that it has a lot of great tracks. I don't care how raunchy people think she is, I think she's sexy as hell. I love the hot choreography in her videos and this is just another one to add to the list. Check it out!

Cedric Gervais feat. Mya - Love Is The Answer (Video Premiere)

May 19, 2011

"Love Is The Answer" is a track penned by Mya and produced by Cedric Gervais. It was recorded mainly for the NOH8 campaign which Mya is a part of. After a long delay, the video has now been released. It's another great Gervais dance track. Check out the video, which features a cameo by Piggy Perez, and has Mya dancing around looking fine as hell, well, minus that white wig. It's nice to finally see her again. She only releases music and albums in Japan now, seeing as it's the only place she sells records in.

The Saturdays - Notorious (Video Premiere)

One of my favourite British girl groups nowadays, The Saturdays, are getting ready to release their third studio album after releasing an EP last year. This morning they stopped by BBC Radio 1 to premiere their new single "Notorious". It's another one of their great up-tempo dance-pop songs but the girls have yet to get a #1 hit in the UK. After years and years of UK girl groups, they're pretty much the only relevant one until the Sugababes come back, so hopefully this single goes well for them. Check out the girls looking gorgeous as ever below.

Beyonce unveils new album cover!

After the release of her new video, Beyonce has also unveiled the album cover for her upcoming album "4", which is to be released June 28th!!! The album was recorded over a year between the spring of 2009 and the spring of 2010, while Beyonce took time away from the spotlight. She engaged in what she describes as simple things, including listening to every kind of music she truly enjoys. Her mixed musical inspirations will be displayed in her upcoming album. The album title "4" signifies her fourth solo effort, the day of her birth, her mother's birthday, and her wedding day, but most of all it is a personal gift to her fans. For over one year now, her fans around the world took to their social media pages urging her to name the album for her special number. I can't wait for this album!!!

Beyonce - Run The World (Girls) (Video Premiere)

May 18, 2011

My Queen B has finally bestowed upon the world the premiere of her new music video for "Who Run The World (Girls)". It's super energetic full of fierce dancing and hot as hell outfits! The horse-riding! Those heels! That yellow dress! The finger to all the haters! That black-holed outfit rolling around in the sand! FEROSH! Please lord, let this exposure bring the track to the top of the charts ASAP! No one keeps this bitch down!



Parade - Perfume (Video Premiere)

I haven't posted about these girls on the blog yet, but Parade are a British girl group, currently signed to Asylum Records. The band has five members: Emily Biggs, Lauren Deegan, Bianca Claxton, Jessica Agombar and Sian Charlesworth. They've been a support act for Shakira, Ellie Goulding and Alexandra Burke. Their debut single, "Louder" was released in the UK on March 13th and has so far peaked at number 10 in the UK Singles Chart. Here we have the video for their official second single "Perfume". It's really not as great as "Louder" (which would be my blogs theme song, if blogs HAD theme songs) but it's okay. I don't see them really blowing up. Check it out though!

The Edge Of Glory debuts at #3!

Godga's domination continues! Her latest single "The Edge Of Glory" has debuted at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has sold 266,000 copies to date and 20 million audience impressions on radio. It is her second-highest debut on both Hot 100 and Hot Digital Songs for this era. The track has also become her tenth top 10 hit in the US in a row. In the chart's 50-year history, only Mariah Carey has had more consecutive career-opening top 10 singles.

In other news, Lady Gaga's record label, Interscope, has shipped a jaw-dropping 2 million units of "Born This Way" to over 21 retail outlets across the US. Her label clearly has high expectations for her first week selling abilities. After being the first person on Twitter to reach 10 million followers, Gaga is unquestionably the biggest popstar out there right now. Her promotion has been insane and has no means of slowing down ahead of the album's release next week. Gaga will be performing on the American Idol finale on May 26th and this weekends Saturday Night Live. With the help of her little monsters, I don't see how she can fail to live up to expectations. Paws up, bitches!

Vanessa Carlton - Carousel (Video Premiere)

May 17, 2011

The gorgeous Vanessa Carlton has been hard at work after her previous album "Heroes & Thieves" failed to make any impact on the charts. I quite liked it though. Now she's back, premiering the video for her new single "Carousel", which is the first single lifted from her upcoming album "Rabbits On The Run". Vanessa announced via her Twitter that the album will be released on June 21st under Razor & Tie. Check out the video below. It's a pretty song but it won't be doing her any good, to be honest. But I will still look forward to hearing the album when it comes out.

Creep feat. Nina Sky - You (Video Premiere)

So I have no idea who Creep is/are but Nina Sky is featured on the track so I had to post it. I've been a fan of theirs since "Move Ya Body" back in the day, and have tried to follow their career ever since they've disappeared from mainstream. The hip-hop/R&B duo lend a hand in the song "You" with their emotionally fraught vocals. The video is also pretty simple, but cool.

Lady Gaga - Hair

May 16, 2011

Lady Gaga has released her second promotional single "Hair" as part of her iTunes countdown leading up to the album's release on May 23rd. The track was co-written and produced by Gaga and RedOne, of course. It’s another uptempo club record but with a Bruce Springsteen vibe to it. It's okay, but I still think "Judas" is the best thing she's done this era. What do you guys think of "Hair"?

Lady Gaga performs on Radio 1's Big Weekend

May 15, 2011

Lady Gaga was another one of the acts booked to perform on Radio 1's Big Weekend festival this Sunday night. She performed "Born This Way", recreating her Grammy entrance but this time in a coffin with a giant baby bump. She then decided to go with a stripped back rendition of her latest single "Edge Of Glory". I love when it's just her and the piano. Her voice stands out so much, it's just amazing to hear and watch. She also sat down for an interview before the show seeming very calm and relaxed. Her next promotional single "Hair" comes out tomorrow! Here are the videos below.

Aqua - How R U Doing?

So I just came across this interesting tid-bit of news. Danish-Norwegian pop group Aqua have been working on their upcoming third studio album and released their first single "How R U Doing?" on March 14th, 2011. After the disaster that was "Back To The 80's" in 2009, I thought they'd be gone forever but I was wrong. This actually sounds up to date with today's dance-pop revolution, though they definitely won't be getting as much success as they did back in the day with "Barbie Girl". Lene is still looking great. Check out the video below.

Nicole Scherzinger performs at Radio 1's Big Weekend

The ricockulously sexy Nicole Scherzinger also performed at this year's Radio 1's Big Weekend, singing her first UK single "Poison", PCD's "Don't Cha" and her UK #1 hit "Don't Hold Your Breath". Amazing performances. I love a pop star that can actually dance around on stage while singing live. Her dance breaks are everything!!! Incredible stage presence. I am in awe of Sherzy right now. I really hope "Right There" blows up in the states. Check out the ex-doll perform HERE while her fiance Lewis Hamilton watches from the audience thinking about how he gets to tap that.

Jessie J performs at Radio 1's Big Weekend

The queen of vocal stuttering performed on the first day of this year's Radio 1 Big Weekend in Carlisle. Jessie J performed on the main stage singing some of her hits from her debut album "Who You Are". Check out her performance of her latest single "Nobody's Perfect" below. Another great performance.

JoJo - The Other Chick

JoJo is officially back and ready for the release of her third studio album "Jumping Trains". An unfinished version of her first single "The Other Chick" leaked earlier in the week but now she has premiered the final version on her website. I wasn't expecting this but after the second listen I was hooked. Her voice is just flawless and I'm loving this R&B/Pop jam, especially the lyric "By the way, I faked it every time!". Can't wait for the album. A video for the single has already been shot and will premiere soon. Check out the track below.

Lady Gaga performs on Graham Norton

May 13, 2011

Our flawless Artist Of The Month continues her "Born This Way" promotional duties, this time performing in the UK on the Graham Norton show. Godga performed both "Judas" and "Born This Way" as well as sitting down for another funny interview. The best interviews are always on this show! Everyone just seems so down-to-earth and jokes around and tells stories. One of Gaga's fans even gets to go down and hug her after Graham shows Gaga all of the iconic mini outfits she's made of her clothing - including the meat dress! Crazy. It's a very cute interview. Check it out the interview and performances under the cut.

Havana Brown - We Run The Night (Video Premiere)

Havana Brown is an Australian DJ/singer. She started her musical career with the group Fishbowl in London. Without releasing a single album, the group disbanded and she became a DJ. After offering club promoters to spin for free, she went on to do regular appearances in concerts and parties in London. Since then, she has been able to score opening spots for Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga and Rihanna in Australia. "We Run The Night" has already reached the top 10 on Australian iTunes. Check out the newly released music video. It’s basically just Havana looking sexy and flipping her hair in front of some flashing lights, with some cleverly edited Britney-style dancing. Still hot. Check it out!

Calvin Harris feat. Kelis - Bounce (Video Premiere)

I posted the song last month and now Calvin Harris has finally premiered the music video for his newest single "Bounce" featuring Kelis. It's a very addictive dance track and a certain summer smash. Check out some crazy guy seemingly on crack, roam around the city taking his shirt off, acting a fool with his boys, almost getting attacked by a black guy, and interrupting Kelis in the middle of filming until he gets to a mini motel party where he makes out with another crackhead... It's all very exciting. Enjoy.

2NE1 - Lonely (Video Premiere)

May 12, 2011

The moment has finally arrived! My favourite K-Pop group are back on the scene. The fierce and fabulous 2NE1 are officially back with their first new ballad single "Lonely". The track is the first of six singles which will be released over the coming months to promote their next mini-album. The song is the complete opposite of what you may have been expecting from their return. Ditching the heavy dance beats, autotune and hip-hop flavour, the girls decided to just strip it down to their voices and a guitar. The perfect start to their takeover. Did anyone else notice the writing on the side of that bridge? "Sexy, Pin-Sharp, In Flawless", doesn't exactly make sense, but who cares?! They are flawless indeed. I can't wait for Will.I.Am to bring them to the states with their english album debut! Anywho, here is their first single.

BC Jean - I'll Survive You (Video Premiere)

May 11, 2011

BC Jean, otherwise known as the chick who wrote Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy", has finally released the official video for her first official single "I'll Survive You" from her debut album due out later this year. She has some good writing chops, it's a well written ballad. Not sure how it will do on the charts but with the right promotion it could do well on radio. The video is kind of boring but it does the job. I feel like she gives off a lesbian-y vibe. Maybe it's just me. She's cute though, and her voice is great too. What do you guys think?

K. Michelle - How Many Times & Just Ain't My Day (Video Premieres)

R&B songstress K. Michelle premieres not one, but two music videos today. The first is for her first single "How Many Times" off her upcoming debut album "Pain Medicine". The song has some killer vocals and seems like a solid first single choice for an R&B track. She werks the shit out of that blue weave in the middle of traffic!
The second video is for another album cut, "Just Ain't My Day". It has a very simple music video, with an obvious low budget. The video follows K. Michelle as she goes about her day while everything is going wrong. At one point she runs to a rooftop, making it seem as if she's going to jump. But unfortunately she does not. That would have been an exciting end to the video... Just sayin'. Enjoy!

Radio Killer - Lonely Heart (Video Premiere)

Radio Killer is a Romanian band that emerged in 2009 with a “Who is Radio Killer?” campaign that revealed the seven band members one by one. The group scored hit singles "Voila" and "Be Free" throughout Europe before releasing their latest single "Lonely Heart". The song starts off slow until synthesizers kick in and the song becomes a full-on trance assault. It's awesome and I really wish I lived in this music video. Enjoy!

The Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party (Video Premiere)

The Black Eyed Peas show no sign of slowing down, releasing a new music video for their third single "Don't Stop The Party" off their latest album "The Beginning". The video is basically a montage of the Peas on the road as well as behind-the-scenes clips of heir live performances in South America and the Super Bowl. It's pretty neat. The song is a pure party track, but the only thing I don't like about it is how they fucked with Fergie's vocals. Meh. Check it out!

Beyonce - Who Run The World (Girls) (Video Teaser)

May 10, 2011

Beyonce has released another teaser trailer for her new music video and this time there's more to look at. It looks fucking epic. Her best video ever? I hope so! The full version will premiere May 16th. Are you ready to be BEYONSLAYED?!

Kat Graham - I Want It All (Video Premiere)

May 09, 2011

Actress/Singer/Dancer/Fierce Bitch, Kat Graham, who plays witch Bonnie Bennett on The Vampire Diaries has dropped her very poppy new single "I Want It All". The song will be on Kat's forthcoming, still-untitled album, which is set to be a fusion of Hollywood dance, underground culture, and European beats. She's written on all of the songs and is also producing the album with the help of people like J.R. Rotem and Kevin Rudolph. The video makes no sense really but look at the outfits! And come on, a tiger?! This shit is amazing and all I can say is Kat Graham is fucking fierce as HAEL in everything she does! Keep an eye out for her in the season finale of VD this Thursday, as well as her role in the upcoming dance film Honey 2

Rihanna - California King Bed (Video Premiere)

My flawless goddess Princess RiRi has finally dropped the music video for her latest "Loud" single "California King Bed", the first released ballad from the album. The video is basically just her roaming her home and laying in bed with her man, looking beautiful and stunning and all around flawless as usual. The song goes to top 40 radio May 31st. And it doesn't stop there, Rihanna also has another video coming soon for her urban single "Man Down", which is already performing well on urban radio formats. Check out the gorgeous video for "California King Bed" below.

Alexis Jordan - Hush Hush (Video Premiere)

Alexis Jordan continues her assault on the UK music scene by premiering her new music video for "Hush Hush" from her self-titled debut album. The track is the third single to be released. The 19-year old is signed to Roc Nation but isn't seeing much success in the states, so it's a smart move on her part to target the UK audience. Another great dance video. She's completely adorable and she knows how to werk it. Enjoy!

Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory

Lady Gaga has just released her first promo single "Edge Of Glory" as part of her promotional campaign for the new album "Born This Way" leading up to its release on May 23rd. The power ballad was co-written with Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow. Gaga penned the track after the death of her grandfather in September. Everything she releases gets me all excited. I can't wait to hear the album! I doubt it'll be as life changing as she said it would be, but it should be good nonetheless.

Cobra Starship feat. Sabi - You Make Me Feel...

Cobra Starship are getting ready to release their fourth album "Night Shades" this summer and they have just premiered their new single "You Make Me Feel..." featuring newcomer Sabi. The singer/rapper is really getting around after being pulled into the spotlight by Britney. Good for her. It's a fun track but it's a total tri-make! Sounding pretty much like Chris Brown's "Yeah x3" which initially swagga-jacked Calvin Harris' "I'm Not Alone". It's catchy and the beat has been a winner before, so we'll see how it does!

Yasmin - Finish Line (Video Premiere)

I introduced you guys to the gorgeous Yasmin last month and now she's back to premiere her new single and video for "Finish Line". It's a cool song. Thoughts?

Ellie Goulding performs on SNL

Ellie Goulding has scored herself another big gig in the states, having already made her US television debut back in April when she performed “Starry Eyed” on Jimmy Kimmel. She just recently performed at the Royal Wedding and has now landed a spot on Saturday Night Live. Ellie chose to perform the electronic "Lights", but she wasn't sounding as good as usual. I've seen her live, and she's great. This performance just seemed a little weak. But it did the job, sending the US version of her album "Lights" to No. 7 on iTunes. Check out her performance below.

Alex Gaudino feat. Kelly Rowland - What A Feeling (Video Premiere)

May 07, 2011

 As Kelandria Rowlegend's sexy single "Motivation" continues to do better than people expected on the charts, even beating my beloved Beyonce's new single "Girls", she's back on her euro-dance side of things with another fun and catchy house number. This time Kelly has decided to swap David Guetta for Italian house DJ, Alex Gaudino, for "What A Feeling". The track has been out for a while and is set to be another hit for her in Europe. Check out the dance video below.

Wynter Gordon - Til Death (Video Premiere)

May 06, 2011

Following the success of the sexy club smash “Dirty Talk”, dance diva Wynter Gordon has unveiled the official video for "Til Death", the latest single from her upcoming debut album "With The Music I Die". After many delays, it seems the album will be released sometime this summer. It's another fun party video with everyone dancing around and getting trashed. She sure knows how to bring out the best in dance music, and this is no exception, the song is dance perfection. Wynter is doing really well in Australia and "Dirty Talk" has had decent success in the clubs stateside, but hopefully this new track gives her some more exposure. Enjoy!

Cascada - San Francisco (Video Premiere)

Check out the premiere of Cascada's new music video for "San Francisco", the first single from the German euro-dance act's upcoming album "Original Me", due in European stores this June. The video is very fun, much like any other party video. The only problem is that the song is pretty shit. They chose this as a first single? They've had a lot of catchy tunes, but this was not the right move. At least Natalie is looking good!