Old Britney VS. New Britney

April 12, 2011

So I found this lovely video online today and thought I would share it with the rest of you non-believers and nay-sayers. It is true, the Britney we once knew is gone forever. I just can't accept the excuses that she has been through a divorce,  had a mental breakdown, shaved off all her hair, suffered a knee injury in 2004, gave birth to two children and has to focus on raising them, etc. Jennifer Lopez has recently had twins, not to mention she is over 10 years older than Brit, and she can still dance her ass off! It is a fact that Femme Fatale is an amazing album, but Britney is just not ready to go on tour with this. She's had so much time to prepare and is clearly not up to par with what we all expect from her. We all know she doesn't sing live, but if she's not going to sing OR dance well, what's the point in going to her show at all? She got away with it during the Circus era and thinks she can use her trickery on us again this time around. Well I ain't buyin' it! R.I.P Godney.

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