Nadia Oh - Taking Over The Dance Floor

April 08, 2011

Nadia Oh is back! I forgot all about this bitch. I was so obsessed with her debut album back in 2008 after hearing her single "Hot Like Wow". The singer-rapper is set to release her new album Colours this year and has been in the studio working with Space Cowboy again. Her first single is called "Taking Over The Dance Floor (Kate Middleton)" and is being released April 24th. Here is the promo video for the song.

Ummm... Not exactly what I was expecting, but I'm sure the rest of the album will sound better... I hope. Let me just show you what I mean, under the cut.


Lex said...

Oh dear

Tito said...

Ok no, check this track out. It's gunna be on her new album. And it's good!

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