Britney Spears: I am the Femme Fatale

April 04, 2011

If you weren't watching last nights Country Music Awards, you may have been tuned in to watch Britney's new TV special "Britney Spears: I am the Femme Fatale" on MTV. The mini-documentary gives us a little glimpse as to what The Holy Spearit has been preparing for us with her new album and upcoming tour.

The album sounds great, but word on the street is that it will debut with the lowest first-week sales of any Britney album. To be quite honest, her performance quality has gone to shit and she looks haggard as all hell. Not to mention her voice has seemingly gotten deeper. I'm done trying to figure out what happened to our good ol' BritBrit. Let's just focus on the music. At least we still have that! She is a pop icon and that she will remain. She is after all, Britney Spears... bitch!

Click here to watch Britney Spears: I am the Femme Fatale


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