Heather Morris feat. Corrina Dolan - So Luv-a-licious (Video Premiere)

April 27, 2011

The flawless Heather Morris, otherwise known as Brittany S. Pearce on Glee, has premiered a music video alongside “Show Us How You FLIRT!” contest winner Corrina Dolan, for “So Luv-a-licious” in honor of the launch of FLIRT! Cosmetics latest product launch, Luv-a-licious Perfume! I'm not gunna lie, it's a complete mess. Rebecca Black's "Friday" may actually be better than this, but I don't care as long as Heather is werkin' it in front of the camera.



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This song was part of a fan contest and was written by the winner, Corrina, not Heather. I wouldn't hold it against her :-)

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