Britney's Body Double Revealed

April 06, 2011

Can't say I'm surprised at all, but the investigating crazies over at ONTD have found out that Britney used not only one, but THREE stand-in's for her new "Till The World Ends" music video. The person in the image above is actually just Tiana Brown in a wig! Who the hell is that, you say? She is the choreographers assistant. She also danced for Britney’s Circus Tour serving as a choreographer, dancer and co-captain, as being in music videos "3" and “If U Seek Amy”. According to sources, she looks so dead inside because of all the meds she's on. Apparently she's only on set when she needs to be in front of the cameras, she doesn't rehearse, and all of the dancer's contracts have drug clauses in them!
I guess I spoke to soon earlier today. Britney's not really back at all.


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