Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had (Video Premiere)

July 10, 2011

Queen King B has released the official video for her second single off her latest NON FLOP album "4" entitled "Best Thing I Never Had". It's pretty much Irreplaceable 2.0 but still great. Her ballad videos are never as exciting as I hope (Halo, anyone?) but you still can't take your eyes off her. She basically walks around in white lingerie looking flawless, until she puts on her wedding dress looking even more flawless, walks down the isle to her new hubby remembering her ex and how much better off she is that she's not marrying him, then proceeds to her post-wedding party to dance with the kids looking flawless in another simple dress while making the cutest faces and enjoying every second of life. Flawless x10. Check it out!


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